2016-03-29 09:37:57

Diving Services Installation of Concrete Cover Protection

JASALINDO provided Underwater Installation Concrete Cover Protection Batam – Bintan Interconnected 150 KV Package 1. On 23 December 2014, JASALINDO team conducted location mapping from Batam Island shoreline to Bintan Island. Prior mapping, submarine cable are laid in trenching cavity. The survey showed that the sea current in the location is very strong and underwater visibility is limited.


Taking the survey result into consideration, the divers who performed underwater installation of concrete cover protection were equipped with:

  • Underwater CCTV Video
  • Two-Way Communication Device, to enable the communication between divers and supervisor
  • Scuba Replacement Package (SRP) Dive Boat


During this project execution, the team were stationed in a rented house near the location, provided with nourishment and laundry service.

Concrete Cover material were supplied by VISCAS Corporation and were handed over at the Jetty near work site. The material were then placed in material carrier boat.


The Submarine Power Cable were laid from Batam Island to Tanjung Sauh and from Tanjung Taloh to Ngenang. It was positioned in a canal. The Submarine Cable were laid on a Seabed with a strong river current (about 4 knots) and a busy channel.