2016-03-29 09:39:47

Fuel Oil Removal Onboard M.V. "Meratus Banjar 2"

Whilst the M.V. “MERATUS BANJAR 2” was steaming between Surabaya and Makassar, on the 1st of September 2015 at around 09:30 hours local time, it suffered an uncontrolled water ingress into the machinery space and was then subsequently abandoned by the vessel’s crew. The vessel subsequently sank on the 2nd of September 2015 at around 05:35 hours.

With limited information about the cause of seawater ingress resulting in the sinking of the Vessel and and/or information about (possible) further structural damage as a result of Vessel sinking and impact at seabed, it has been determined that the Vessel’s on-board fuel oil should be removed as soon as possible to minimize the environmental impact.

For this purpose, JASALINDO executed fuel oil removal and the complete sealing of all on-board oil tanks (MFO, MGO and Lube Oil) of the Vessel. At the time of the incident, the Master and Chief Engineer reported the following estimated quantities remained onboard: MFO 300.50 MT, MGO 85.50 MT and Lube Oils +/- 22.00 MT.


The vessel sank in the estimated position of Latitude 06° 09’.25 South; Longitude 114° 02’.80 East and was reported resting on the sea bed in approximately 70-80 meter depth of water. This position is in the Java Sea approximately 100 kilometers offshore due North of the Eastern end of Madura Island.

The salvage personnel that were positioned for the safe execution of the removal of the on-board fuel oil are Salvage Master, Naval Architect, 2 Diving Supervisors, 12 Salvage Divers, 4 Salvage Riggers, Paramedic, ROV Pilot, ROV Technician, Dive Technician, Mechanic and Marine Chemist. The operational personnel working two (2) 12-hour shifts on a 24-hour basis.

The salvage crafts envisaged to be mobilized to site are Dive Support Vessel (DSV) ‘Galaxy’ equipped with anti-pollutant system and Mixed-Gas Dive Spreads, LCT, 800MT storage capacity for hydrocarbon/fuel oil recovery-storage, fresh water surplus, equipment, Local transportation boat for crew and materials from shore as required and Rubber boat with outboard engine for general running at site.