2017-02-28 03:41:38

Project Thorco Cloud Survey And Oil Removal

Throco cloude

The general cargo vessel ‘THORCO CLOUD’ was involved in a collision while crossing the Singapore Straits and as a result sank in the east bound lane of the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) to the North East of Batu Berhanti beacon on 16 December 2015. 


The wreck now lies in two sections approximately 1,600 metres apart. The geographical coordinates are said to be 01° 12’ 24.027” N 103° 54’ 08.569” E  (Middle of Stern section) and 01° 12’ 48.971” N 103° 54’ 54.072” E (Middle of Bow  section).  The two sections are lying at a water depth of approximately 70 metres


 ‘THORCO CLOUD’ interests (TI) have requested that various pre operational studies, including a detailed survey of the wreck and the surrounding seabed, be carried out to determine the exact condition of the wreck prior to any wreck removal operations commencing.


PT Jaya Salvage Indonesia (JASALINDO) and partner have been contracted by TI to carry out the detailed survey and oil removal of the wreck site prior to the award of the contract for the wreck removal of ‘THORCO CLOUD’. The planned work Thorco Cloud survey and fuel recovery was completed on May 2017.