2017-02-07 07:45:17

IMCA Assessment Training


JASALINDO provide opportunities for commercial offshore Supervisors a or Air divers who want to follow the IMCA scheme and gain IMCA Qualification. In this case JASALINDO cooperated with IMCA Approved training Providers INTERDIVE.


IMCA require the minimum depth to be 40 msw. Max depth of assessment 50 msw (165 FSW).

Use of Wet bell (If this is not required or possible, then this must be endorsed on candidates certificates). This can only be omitted with IMCA approval. NOTE: IMCA require wet bell dives below 30 msw.

All candidates must meet IMCA pre-entry requirements as follows;

  • They must be nominated (and employed) by IMCA member company (or company has applied for membership)
  • They must have at least 4 years offshore commercial diving experience (SDDE not SCUBA)
  • They must have at least 150 offshore dives including; At least 25 below 30 msw, At least 20 dives with in-water or Sur-D-O2 decompression
  • Be in-date medically
  • Log books showing at least above experience will be checked on day 1

The final written examination is conducted in English.


  • 5 Days Pre assessment Training course (with minimum 12 candidates per class)
  • 6 Days IMCA Diver Competence Assessments (comprising at least 2 days shallow diving and at least 4 days deep diving  max 50 msw from vessel, barge, pontoon etc)

For those interested, further information can contact:

Ms.Putri (HRD Division)
​PT. Jaya Salvage Indonesia
Komplek Pergudangan Margomulyo Jaya
Jl. Sentong Asri C6 – C7 Surabaya – Indonesia
Tel:+62 31 7484259, Fax:+62 31 7493702