About Us

PT Jaya Salvage Indonesia (JASALINDO) Company is an Indonesian marine salvage, wreck removal and wide-ranging underwater Service Provider operating from two main bases strategically located in both Surabaya and Jakarta, Indonesia.


JASALINDO is supported by a very large network of ADCI and IMCA certified diving personnel, consisting of well over a hundred experienced local and expatriate divers including ASNT and CSWIP certified NDT inspectors.

Jasalindo privately owns and operates its own Marine Spread consisting of Dive Support Vessel ‘Jasalindo’, Work Barge ‘Continental’ and Tugboat ‘Universal’ enabling JASALINDO to quickly mobilize its equipment and personnel autonomously.   

Since its establishment in 2001, JASALINDO has earned its well established reputation through its total commitment to providing comprehensive in-water solutions for the offshore Energy Sector and Maritime Industry at large. JASALINDO has reliably served numerous ship owners, underwriters, and government agencies as well as engaging in several successful enterprises with internationally recognized maritime companies in providing underwater services throughout the Indonesian Archipelago.  

In order to provide its Customers with a ‘total solution’ JASALINDO is backed by its experienced and well-resourced fabrication and engineering teams. JASALINDO holds and operates its own innovative and technologically advanced workshops empowering the company to design, fabricate and certify custom-built underwater installation and salvage support tools.


To always strive to remain a highly reliable Customer-oriented and competitively valued Subsea Service Provider.


To continue providing first-rate underwater services throughunwavering professionalism and a steadfast commitment to our Customer’s total satisfaction.

Organization Structure

As a salvage company PT Jaya Salvage Indonesia is well accustomed to operating routinely in a very high-risk environment and under harsh conditions.

To minimize risk and maintain our ZERO accident policy, Jasalindo complies with and strictly adheres to industry-recognized international HSE standard operational procedures (SOP).

Health, Safety & Environment (H.S.E.)

PT Jaya Salvage Indonesia adheres to strict HSE policy and regulatory guidelines throughout all endeavors, whether operating in the Offshore Energy Sector or whilst conducting salvage operations open waters.

From planning stages through project execution PT Jaya Salvage Indonesia produces inter-linked HSE and procedural documents to address each aspect of a project’s particular safety and procedural requirements, including:

  1. Project Execution Plan (PEP)
  2. Mobilization and Demobilization
  3. Hazardous Material handling
  4. High-pressure water jetting
  5. Explosives and Demolition
  6. Underwater Welding, Cutting and Burning
  7. Complete Inspection Procedures, including:
    • Cathodic Protection inspection (CP)
    • Ultrasonic Thickness inspection (UT)
    • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
    • In-water Survey including ABS, BV, and BKI approved UWILD
    • ROV survey
  8. Job Risk Analysis (JRA)
  9. Hazard Identification and Risk assessment / Identification (HIRA / HAZID)
  10. Emergency Response Plan (ERP) including, but not limited to;
    • Personnel Medevac
    • Decompression related Medevac
    • *Emergency Diver Recovery
    • *Firefighting
    • *Rescue from Height
    • *Extreme Weather
    • *Spill Response
  11. Contractor-Client Bridging Document
  12. Management of Change (MOC) Document

*Includes practical – hands on – drills at work location offshore


To maintain the coordination of every team, the company also arranges offshore management visit, regular meeting and management review.