Equipment Rental

To fulfil our Client’s diversified requirements, JASALINDO provides a large array of marine equipment for both long and short term rentals. All of the equipment is well maintained and in excellent condition.

Equipment for rent are as follow:

  1. Air and Mixed Gas Diving Spread
  2. Launch and Recovery System
  3. Air and Mixed Gas Supply System
  4. Underwater Welding and Cutting Gear
  5. Cavi - Jet Clearing System
  6. SRP  Gear
  7. Air Tugger
  8. Hydraulic Tools to Inspect, Wrench, Drill
  9. Trencher
  10. ROV Sea Eye Falcon, Observation Class
Equipment Rental


Supported by highly skilled Mechanic, Welder and Electrician,
our team is ready to deliver best and comprehensive solution to suit your need.

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