Having 14 years of experienced, JASALINDO has involved with numerous ship and cargo salvages. The company is committed to preserve life, property and marine environment. Therefore, our salvage procedures are performed professionally and safely.

A good example is JASALINDO’s application of hot-tapping systems for removal of fuel oil from sunken vessels; minimizing the risk of hydrocarbon pollution and possible negative environmental impact while also minimizing the inherent risk of fire and/or explosion.

Equipped with fully outfitted work barge and support vessels, JASALINDO’s salvage experts are prepared to carry out a wide range of salvage operations, including but not limited to, the following:

  1. Fuel Oil Removal from Ship
  2. Collapsed Jetty Removal
  3. Ship Wreck Removal
  4. Oil Spill
  5. Refloating Capsized Vessel
  6. Refloating Grounded Vessel
  7. Refloating Sinking Vessel


Supported by highly skilled Mechanic, Welder and Electrician,
our team is ready to deliver best and comprehensive solution to suit your need.

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