Jasa ROV

JASALINDO menawarkan layanan Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) yang khusus untuk Inspeksi, Pemeliharaan dan Perbaikan (IMR). Semuanya ditangani oleh supervisor, pilot dan teknisi ROV yang terlatih dan berpengalaman.

Types of Diving and ROV Service offered include:

  1. Underwater Maintenance and Repair
  2. Underwater Installation and Engineering
  3. Underwater Construction and Pipe-Lying Support
  4. Underwater Survey
  5. Underwater Digital Photography
  6. Underwater Digital Video Recording
  7. Underwater NDT Inspection and Certification
    • > Magnetic Particle Inspection
    • > Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement
    • > Marine Growth Measurement
    • > Souring and Debris Survey
    • > Riser and Riser Clamp Inspection
  8. Underwater Dry and Wet Welding
  9. Underwater Oxy Cutting /Burning and Cool Cutting
  10. Underwater Cleaning (Water Jetting and Grid Blasting System)
  11. Underwater Grout Bag and Sandbag (Pipeline Support)
  12. Soil Sampling
  13. Coral Reef Observation
  14. Pipeline Trenching
  15. Mooring Chain Measurement and Inspection
  16. Pipe Line Free Span Inspection


The services are well performed utilizing the following equipment:

  1. Diving System : Surface Supplied
    • Air / Mix Gas Diving System:
      • > DDC ( Deck Decompression Chamber)
      • > Launch and Recovery System ( LARS)
      • > Air Supply System
    • Scuba Replacement Package ( SRP)
    • Underwater CCTV and Two Way Communication System
  2. Remotely Operated Vehicle(ROV)
    • Seaye Falcon SN. 12225 (observation class) with single function manipulator accessories:
      • > Sonar
      • > Bathymeter
      • > CP reader
      • > Brush kart
      • > UT thickness gauge
      • > Lock latch for deploy and recovery system
      • > Roller skid for pipeline inspection
    • Scuba Replacement Package ( SRP)
    • Underwater CCTV and Two Way Communication System
  3. Inspection tools
    • CP gauge Buckleys Bathycorrometer
    • Underwater wall thickness gauge Cygnus
    • Permanent magnet for MPI
  4. Support Maintenance tools
    • Hydraulic impact werch Stanley
    • Hydraulic drill stanley
    • Underwater cool cutter
    • Cavi-jet ( brand :cavi – blaster)
    • Water – jet pump
    • Jet sled / trencher for pipeline trenching
    • Hydraulic power pack
    • Industrial compressor
    • Load cell 25 ton capacity
  5. Marine spread:
    • DSV. Jasalindo
    • Workbarge Continental II
    • TB. Universal
    • HDPE Boat
    • SRP Boat
    • Jet Sky
    • Fiberglass spread Boat

However, to comply with our specific expertise, JASALINDO does not merely rely on manufactured equipment. We also have completely facilitated fabrication unit to produce supporting tools. The equipment that we made are standardized and certified to deliver maximum service.

JASALINDO offers Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) services specializing in Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR), all handled by our skilled and experienced ROV supervisors, Pilots and Technicians.

Jasa ROV


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